Becoming You

3 Things You Say To Yourself That Are Stalling Your Success

How/ what we communicate ourselves has an impact on our lives.

Does your inner dialogue position you to succeed? Or are you talking yourself out of becoming your best self with these three statements ?

Our internal thoughts become our actions …and our inaction .

Developing a disciplined mindset starts with training yourself to hear how you speak to yourself . Many times our inaction is not a result of over sharing and extra factors but instead 

I  Dont Have Time 

You have time. Sometimes we aren’t using it as wisely as we could to accomplish our goals. Sometimes that means saying no , asking for help  and sacrificing to access that time for what ever you need.  This his a part of self care and creating boundaries in your life.

Make the most of what you have 

Prioritize what is important 

Create a habit of weekly mandatory time to get you close to your goal 

I Don’t Know How 

The lack of knowledge or,ability is often a big excuse used for why we can’t complete what we set out too . Figuring out how require thought, research and creativity . 

Our ignorance is not an excuse . 

Use your overall goal to create a timeline of smaller goals to achieve. This will increase your focus and leave you less overwhelmed , gives you a timeline, and increase your likelihood for success. Also creates a level of accountability with the ability to establish timelines deadlines and visible goals. 

I Wish I Was More …( fill in the blank) 

Life is about becoming. If there is something that you desire to learn and do , take the first steps and move towards making your desires a reality . 

You can dream while you sleep  or you can wake up live them . 

Trade your wants for declarations and action. 

Stop saying you wish and start declaring who you are becoming 

  • Affirmation 
  • Speaking out loud 

Claim your victory , Create you change . 

Get out of the habit of giving your friends , family, and colleagues the responsibility of maintaining your self worth and the control over your motivation . Be your own cheerleader – know that you are Dope 

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