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Welcome : An Open Letter

Are your actions in alignment with your goals? Who are you Becoming?

This is a space for self discovery, healing, accountability, growth and love. Birthed in 2015 from a desire to build a community passionate about creating a life they love, Becoming You has developed over the years into a space where the power of science, psychology, and personal development help to create opportunities to learn, love, and embrace ourselves more authentically. Becoming You is not a space aiming to create a perfect you, that doesn’t exist, perfection itself doesn’t exist. Instead it is a space to help us embrace and understand all the amazing powerful things that make us up. With this understanding we can get out of our own way, connect and tap into our inner power, and make not only our world but the world around us ; a better more healed place for all of us.

The Art of Becoming

Becoming is an action word. It is a continuous process of self evolution, discovery and growth that requires commitment to the process. If you are hoping to evolve and grow, doing what you have always done to get you to the next level  generally does not work. 

In order to evolve, you must first embrace change. 

Manifestation of your dreams is a real thing. It IS true that you can think your way into the life you want. But thinking is only part of the equation. The reason our thoughts are so powerful is because they affect everything we do or don’t do. If we feel confident on the inside , then we will be more than likely go through life making choices that reflect that inner belief in self. But thought without action is fruitless. You cannot evolve and grow if you spend your time dreaming and hoping that one day life will magically be what you dream. Your thoughts create the will power, fortitude, and drive needed to CREATE that life. No one will give it to you. 

Know that what is required of you may involve shedding habits, mindsets, and even people that once seemed to fit into your life perfectly. Action may require you to be uncomfortable, to act out of faith instead of fear, to hold yourself accountable in different ways. The process requires committed action. Is the vision you have for your life being built by your current actions and choices? 

Or are you fighting against your own goals? 

It is important to dream . It is also important to act. Act in love. Act with intent. Act with mindfulness. 

Act with confidence. Then act with purpose.  

This is the life long art of self evolution. This is the art of Becoming You.

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