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How To Become More Disciplined with Self Confidence

Becoming Disciplined with Self Confidence

It can be hard to find the confidence to commit to new habits and be disciplined in our commitment .

Let me honest, sometimes being disciplined can be really hard. 

You set a goal and you start off motivated and determined. Then a week goes by , maybe you missed a day . Maybe by week 2 you start to feel the thrill wearing off, and by week 3 you have practically thrown the towel in all together. By this time you may even be doubting whether you can do this at all, or maybe have excuses tell you all the reasons that you can’t .

Have you felt discouraged or unmotivated towards a goal you have recently set?

It is in the moments that we stumble and fall off track that are the most dangerous because the opportunity to give into our fears , insecurities, and excuses. While you set out to establish new habits and grow in your personal development journey , yourself discipline will carry you through the moments you feel unsure and disconnected from goal. But you can not cultivate habits, skills, and opportunities – if you dont first BELIEVE that you can . 

 It is in these moments you will need the confidence to commit . 

People who are committed, discipline, and seem to persevere no matter have a crucial element in their mindset that keeps them pushing forward, That element is self confidence.

Self confidence is defined by Webster as a feeling of trust in one’s own abilities, qualities, and judgement.

 Without the belief that you can do something, effect change in your life,  make improvements to your habits– then you would never take the steps necessary to make those things happen It’s a bit of a paradox. The only people who can’t improve their lives, are those who truly believe they cannot  therefore they never try . 

So how do you become confident ? How does one create a  real belief that they can make actual changes in the direction of their life ?

You build it, like all things.

You use the muscles of affirmation, positive self  talk, education and pushing yourself to stretch to new heights to “pump up’ sort of say . 

Affirmation; or emotional encouragement- is a key principle to the development of self-confidence.  Most people spend little time reminding themselves how amazing, talented, and capable they are. And just like the best friend or the significant other who needs to  know you think they are awesome from time to time – your inner self needs that too. Loving yourself is an intentional act. Growing in skill, mindset, and personal development requires of us the confidence to go through with actually trying . 

The nurturing of this confidence should be part of your daily routine, yet as a society we are often told our emotional development and confidence begins when you are a toddler and ends in adolescence. The truth is , we are fluid beings. Feeling confident one day doesn’t mean you will feel the same 1 day , week, or month later. 

Like a muscle, our self-esteem needs to be exercised consistently to grow and be healthy and strong. When you feel confident about your talents passions, and overall self ; you are more likely to accomplish the goals you set for yourself. And you may inspire a few while doing so with your positive attitude. We take so many hurt our self confidence daily , it is important that we are intentional about protecting and growing it . Speaking light and love into yourself is apart of self love. 

Telling yourself that you you can do it -is self love
Improving on your skills  -is self love
Surrounding yourself with people who make you feel proud of yourself – is self love. 

On the road to creating a successful life that has your special brand of happiness written all over it  , the driving force will always come back to inner peace and self love. How you feel about yourself and your life will always matter more than what you have checked off of a check list or the awards you gave won. So remember, as you seek to create a more mindful life and become more disciplined, remember to be kind and loving to yourself. Build yourself up when you stumble instead of beating yourself up. Remind yourself how capable you are . 

Building self-confidence is a big part of my story of becoming a better me. It is the way I challenge myself to do things that scare me, keep going when I want to quit, and to keep pushing  myself to grow my passions and gifts.. The confidence it takes to be unapologetically YOU is in all of us ! That is one of the key components to living your best life . It takes daily intentional moments of self love and appreciation to mold your mindset . Speak life into your day with affirmations and power statements that I personally use to build my confidence and ability to become a more disciplined and mindful person.  

Do you use affirmations? Share some of your favorites?

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