Becoming You

How To Connect To Your Personal Power & Intuition

Create, produce, and perform.

There is a constant pressure, whether you are an entrepreneur, a creative, or a 9-5 professional to compete and keep up with those around us.

Create, produce, and perform… the pressure to be on par with those who are succeeding around us can become a stifling feeling. So much so that it begins to block and hinder our ability to perform and create at our highest potential.

And thus begins the oh-so-irritating process of feeling STUCK. This is a recipe for comparison, doubt, and plain old giving up. Reconnecting to your personal power and intuition is key to creating an authentic life.

Sometimes you have to put outside Influence on MUTE. The creative process and your ability to produce can be saturated with the influence of others. Often this influence is at its source , the most sincere form of flattery, it is the action of being inspired. But that very inspiration can also drown out the voice of our own unique creative genius and intuition.

Don’t let your inspiration turn into imitation.

The powers to create the life you want and the experiences true authentic happiness exists within the ability to genuinely connect to your self. This is your personal power, the ability to CREATE and choose the trajectory of your life.

Connecting – or reconnecting to this power can seem daunting. 

Check out my Four Tried and True Ways to Connect to Your Personal Power


Sometimes it can seem impossible to hear and even find our inner voice in the midst of the sounds of outside influences and opinions. Learning to create space and separation between those factors and yourself is the first step to clearing out the noise that may be blocking out your vision and passions. Whether that means taking a social media hiatus or distancing yourself from people who wish to control your journey and life . It is important to step back and create space for your inner self to step up speak loudly and give you the opportunity to hear it’s unique perspective.


Becoming you is about finding and amplifying your best qualities and best self . In order to do this one must create a clear understanding of who they are so they can build off of that foundation when creating their best life . .  Finding your voice and crafting a unique vision for your life requires some clarity of self. Once you have distance yourself and outside opinions, now’s the time to connect to your own voice, passions, and talents. For myself care retreat to daily journaling connecting to self requires time with you. . Taking time to listen to what feels right for you for your life and for your journey. This is the stage of deep self exploration and reconnection to who you truly are. 

Remove Judgement

Many of us for victims her own expectations of what life is supposed to look like for us at this and each point of our journey. But the truth is, no matter the planning the unexpected will always come up in life. Learn to appreciate your journey both good and bad. That’s telling yourself that you should be doing better or be in a better place or a different place, your journey is just that a journey. Remove  your judgments and allow yourself to experience life without the unnecessary guilt  and distracting energy that judgment brings into your process .

Stay Authentic

Comparison is the ultimate distraction on the road to fulfilling your purpose in life. Let go of the desires to emulate and duplicate someone else’s life and successes. Understand that what is for you is for you….  go out and get that thing! Well being means different things for different people, find out what that means for you and then create a life that reflects that through personal development. 

When someone else is doing something amazing and succeeding, it’s only natural to want to study and emulate what he or she is doing in order to fuel your own success. Just remember to stay authentic to your unique voice; your perspective is what makes you special. No one else sees the world exactly the way you do, nor have they lived and experienced exactly what you have.

A Loving Reminder

Your authentic voice is where your power resides.

So, in the moments you feel stuck or overwhelmed … unable to figure out where your next idea is… try separating yourself from your external inspirations.

Zone in and listen intently to your inner voice and the story it is trying to tell.

Connect to your purpose. Embrace your personal power. Continue to Become You.

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