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How To Respond Better to Difficult Situations

The Mindful 3 Step Process for Dealing with Emotionally Triggering Events 

Let’s face it – at one time or another we have all done or said something out of emotion that we regretted later. The classic oh-so-emotional response. It can be trouble sometimes.

When we speak out of emotion , the gift of hindsight always seems to leave a little sting of regret left at the bottom of your cup when all the emotion is gone.

If only I knew then , what I knew now …  Or maybe I did .

So many people live in regret of decisions we have made in our lives.

Times you over reacted, spoke out of anger, lost perspective or sight of your purpose . Consider what life may have looked like if the way you responded to the situation was a given a bit more thought BEFORE you put that thought into action.  What if the action you now regret, could have been stopped at just being a thought.

There are few areas that are as important to mindful development than our thoughts. The course in which our individual paths take heavily depends on the way in which we choose to react to the circumstance life throws our way

At one point or another we have all made decisions that have made our “kind of crappy” situation a whole lot worse. Thinking before you act takes more discipline than you think when you’re SMACK in the middle of an internal emotional explosion. Hey – it happens.

There is a space that exists between a moment and the way that we respond …This is the space where mindfulness can help us– this space is the moment that you have the power to affect and control the narrative of that situation.

The ability to control your reactions is a key skill to creating the life you want. Without control and awareness over what is going on inside of us, we have no control over the physical lives we live and the successes we hope to achieve.  You may not have control over the events in our lives but you grant yourself immeasurable power by deciding to react to these moments in a mindful and positive way .  You have the POWER to control your destiny and create the life you want. You have to CHOOSE to be a  specific person, commit to the life you want BEFORE you have it , and then navigate circumstances in your life with this level of awareness.

Are you holding yourself back from happiness, success, and truly #becomingyou by responding without mindful thought?

If you want to change your life, you have to be in control of the way external forces affect you–  with mindfulness.

Take the opportunities presented to you throughout your day to choose a mindful response when an emotional or triggering event happens.  Use these three simple steps to respond with mindfulness. 

Learn To Pause 

Create space between the emotional trigger and your reaction. This gives you room to create a clear, compassionate,  and pragmatic response BEFORE you actually react . 

Consider What Is Important

Sometimes emotions are blinding and we can react from what feels right versus what will actually solve the issue at hand and bring us to our desired result. Use the space you have created during ‘the pause’ to consider what is the best for the outcome and for the people involved. This is also the opportunity to remind yourself of your principles and the level of character you have.

Respond With Intent

This is your chance to prevent as much regret as possible by responding intentionally the first time.. Once you have given yourself space to think, connected to your character, and crafted a response that reflects the overall outcome goal; you can finally respond. Be sure to be mindful of your delivery , tone, and intent when approaching triggering situations.

How do you deal with emotional and potentially explosive situations? How do you separate event and reaction ? Sound off in the comments. 

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