How To Stop Living on AutoPilot

a guide to being present with mindfulness

I have to tell you something … and I have to be real. 

It’s time to stop living in autopilot.

Yes, you!… sometimes me too if I am not careful about it.

Most of people spend more than 50% of their time with their mind in a completely different space than what their physical beings are involved in.  Often letting our thoughts drift to things that need to be accomplished, or even experiences of the past—but the present moment is often lost to this.

And believe it or not – it is making most of us MISERABLE! If you’re honest with yourself , its probably making YOU miserable. 

You don’t think this applies to you, do you ? …

Tell me, how often do you find yourself driving on the highway and your mind wanders into thought ? Then suddenly your conscious shifts back to the road – your body was basically  doing the driving but no one was home for a moment or two.

On the road this can be dangerous, but autopilot in our daily lives can be pretty harmful to us as well. When we lose the ability to appreciate and live in the present moment we welcome stress, anxiety, doubt into our lives. And ultimately limit our ability to grow and better ourselves. This is where mindfulness comes in.

Mindful practices extend past meditation; it is living in the present. Existing entirely in the now.

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is purposefully paying attention physically and mentally to the present moment without judgment of that moment.

The simple habit of appreciating and being aware of how you feel within a moment can be a powerful tool when forming your view and perspective of the world. With a clear and aware view of ourselves and the world around us , our thoughts and actions follow suit being born of a mindful state of mind.


If your stress and anxiety is anything like mine , you may not realize that society has been telling us for years that MULTI- TASKING and doing it all is the secret to  having it all in life. BOOOOY did we find out that was wrong. We are often over loading our brains and lives with stress worry and judgment that can be avoided with mindfulness. The ability to be present and examine a moment is a great source of stress relief and can lead to feeling more at peace .

At its definition mindfulness has three components.

Intention – Paying Attention On Purpose
Be Present – Staying Engaged with the Moment
Detach from Judgment – Stop thinking your thoughts and actions are categorically “good” or “bad”

The building blocks of becoming your best self are intertwined in the practice of mindfulness. Our ability to experience and show gratitude, compassion, and awareness start with being intentionally aware of your present moment. With daily practices of mindfulness you can shift your mindset and experience life , joy, and success deeper than before . 

Start with a commitment to be mindful once a day every day .

Try this mindful practice to connect to your inner peace and best self.

Set aside 15 minutes  for one mindful practice a day. Activities such as meditation , mindful breathing, going for a run, even journaling can be great ways to experience the beginning of mindfulness.

It could be as simple as sitting outside with your eyes closed engaging your senses with the feel of the sun, the wind, and smells of our environment. Don’t judge this moment. Don’t call it stupid or worry about feeling silly. Release your judgment and allow your mind to come back to this experience if it wanders. If your to do list pops up in your head, push it away and return to your moment. If you are wondering if it’s been 15 minutes, stop counting the moments and return to the feeling the experience brings . 

Oh and set a timer…. that way you don’t have to wonder.

To create the life you want, desire to make it happen is simply not enough. You have to work for it. But the truth is well being , like all things takes some work. You cant just want it . You have to be intentional about experiencing and understanding your present moment and appreciating the good .

 It is easy to be distracted by life and its many happenings,try not get too tied to the future or the past – sometimes that can be the source of our biggest anxieties and causes us to miss out on what is most important  . If you want a life of acceptance and happiness then you have to practice being mindful in different areas of your life.

Vision without action is meaningless. Mindfulness is practicing joyful living in action.

Now , I want to hear from you ! What areas of your life do you want to improve with mindfulness? 

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