Becoming You

Inner Dialogue – How do you speak to yourself

What are you saying to yourself?

The things we say have a supreme effect on the trajectory of our lives. There is power in our words. But before it becomes a statement… your words were a thought. That  thought is the catalyst for a series of actions and consequences 

Speak Life into Yourself – Dont Bully Yourself 

 Cutting your confidence off at the knees is a suer way to never get beyond the thought and dream phase of anything in your life . 

Dont Enable Yourself 

Stop pacifying yourself with excuses and  “reasons” why it is okay for you to give up on your dream, slack, or not be consistent on what you set out to do. Practicing awareness of thought and listening with a mindful ear will allow you to hear yourself giving excuses internally. Speaking these thoughts out loud some times helps you to see how silly you are being to yourself.  Its okay to give yourself a swift kick in the pants and not wait for someone else to jump in and tell you about yourself. 

 Before you even speak something into existence you must first believe in it in your mind. Many times this is the place many people struggle to get past . 

Manifest your best life and a self you love.

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