Becoming You


The real reason your mind can’t seem to find peace.

Sometimes, we can avoid time in our own minds because it can be daunting, scary, and sometimes brutal with honesty. It causes us to listen to the voices , questions, doubts, ideas in our own head  are usually drowned out by tv music things to do , work, anxieties and a number of other distractions.

It is important to unplug and reate safe and silent space with in you day for reflection and clarity. If the only time you experience quiet and tim with your thought is when you are asleep , you are likely over stimulating yourself.

The consistent distraction of technology or even tasks decreases self awareness , presence, and consciousness. Spend intentional time to explore your mind feelings and reconnect to self. Create a habit of being with yourself for at least 15 minutes a day. This can be a meditative time, daydreaming in your car quietly on your lunch hour, or a run in the morning before  you start your day .

Let yourself become overcome with emotion or swept away by a thought or feeling . Be present and remember what it means to feel and connect to yourself .

1-Set A Time
2-Create Space
3-Connect To Breathe (sounds/ motion)
4-Be Still
5-Return To Your Connection Point
6-Just Be

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