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Press Pause : A Guide to Creating Mental Space in Difficult Situations

What if you could pause life like a sitcom before you made a decision?

There is room for mindfulness between the moment that you experience something and the moment that you respond to it . Most people react too quickly, completely unaware there is space to grab control of a moment and yourself. Training yourself to recognize this space requires an intentional practice of pausing before reacting.

The Pause – is one of my favorite mindfulness tools. 

There are natural emotional responses that are triggered in sad , emotional, and stressful situations ; and sometimes those natural emotional responses are not a reflection of our best selves. It is easy to respond to our circumstances with anger and emotion – but the power of the pause is creating a few seconds of space for your mind to assess the situation and think through a compassionate, intelligent, and mindful response. You may even discover after a few seconds that it is not even worth the response.

Benefits of pausing before you respond:

Reduces morning after regrets for harsh words and emotional rants 
Improves communication and the relationship of parties involved
Prevents nasty or hurtful emotional comments from being used towards others
Keep your character intact 
Decreases the time it takes to come to a mindful solution or agreement
Strengthens sense of self by exercising ownership and responsibility of your emotions

In the midst of an emotional moment , pause, remember mindfulness and let your emotion slip away as you approach the situation with a desire to respond mindfully.  

Mindful Tip :

If you are having trouble slowing your thoughts  try counting  to 10 in your head slowly during your stressful moment and create a clear mental space in which to craft an appropriate response.  Pausing allows you to slow down and regain control of your emotions and thoughts, 

Do you struggle with speaking out of emotion or not pausing before you respond to situations ? Have you ever tried pausing ? Let me know in the comments below if this works for you , or what does help keep your responses mindful.

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