Becoming You


We all have powers. 

No …. Not quite magical powers. ( unfortunately, im still a muggle )

But we do all have something special and amazing to share with others and better the world. Sometimes we limit our idea of talents that don’t fit the ‘traditional’ mold . It’s easy to spot someone who is gifted with supreme physical or musical talents. Talents like these seem so each to identify that it’s hard not to notice them. You can immediately notice a talented painter or chef ; but how often do we notice other talents. What about the compassionate heart , a motivational storyteller, an empath? What about those who seem to never give up… those with the gift of perseverance.?

The world gives us a very limited view of what talents have power and value in this society. So much so that even the most talented person can feel completely devalued when their specific gifts don’t fit the mold,

I have been there. Over and over again.

I am not a great singer. I am a decent  dancer ( I stick to what I know). I can’t draw a circle to save my life.I am FAR from athletic naturally, And I am no computer genius. I won’t even say I am the MOST prolific writer. But I still have superpowers. 

We all do. 

You do too…. And probably more than one. 

When you acknowledge and appreciate these powers that you have, your abilities and potential are amplified. They expand and grow simple by claiming their power. This expansion of our power is how we can effect change in our own lives and empower the lives of others while simultaneously pulling you into alignment with your higher purpose.

Don’t sleep on your POWER.You may be talented but your power comes from deep within, its is fortified by passion and purpose. It is the special spark that changes lives and opens hearts . It is the ability to expand people’s minds to possibilities they may have never known exist. 

Don’t let the world define your power. You have purpose. 

Connect to it and embrace it . 

I know that figuring out where to begin can be difficult. You may not know what your gifts are . Maybe you aren’t sure what your actual powers are and are doubting if you actually have one. 

Once again, you do!  — i cant stress that enough… 

It’s time to stop letting the world define your potential. You can finally figure out what that magical skill you possess is. 

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