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The Five Pillars of Personal Power

One of the most frustrating emotions I have ever experienced happened in 2017. 

It wasn’t anger .

It wasn’t sadness.

…. No , not even betrayal . 

The most frustrating emotion of 2017 ….*drum roll please *


That’s right , the year was 2017 and I was emotionally feeling completely stuck. Don’t get me wrong , I felt prepared to take on the year January through March. I even outlined goals late 2016 with a plan and everything . 

I thought I had it all together. 

And yet in the mix of “life happening” , I felt my clarity and control slowly slipping away . Coupled with a few personal and health challenges and a failed attempt at a promotion at work — things were looking grim .

Blogging felt harder. I wasn’t inspired . I didn’t see the type of growth I wanted in my business . I had lost a major friendship . My workout regimen went from killing it to non existent and my sleep schedule was all jacked up .

Basically I was a mess . Stressed and a mess. And what’s worse is that I began to believe that I couldn’t get from under all of that . 

The once confident, take on anything , ‘I just need a new plan’ Marjani,  had sunken deep down under new doubts, insecurities, and mounting self criticism. 

When we believe we are powerless to effect change in our own circumstances, we essentially become powerless to do exactly that . The power to change begins with the belief in the ability to do so.

This year has been one of the most enlightening years of my life thus far- full of ups and downs and many lesson . The lessons I have learned over the last 10 months of 2020 has  opened up my awareness of self while challenging me to examine how and why I make decisions about my life and my opinions . 

It taught me that we have one magically irreplaceable gift that enables us a strength that no one can take away . That gift is our personal power . 

Personal Power is the ability you possess to improve, change , and evolve oneself. This is the power you have to master and control your emotions and actions to live with intent. Personal power allows you to influence the trajectory of one’s development both internally and  externally. 

You and you alone have supreme control over your life . 

We tend to remember this when things are going good. We feel powerful and strong and that we can handle anything. But there are times in our life when there are more downs than ups and we can begin to question our ability to actually manifest change in our own lives. This is the very thing that leads to depression, stalling, procrastination, and clean out giving up on your dreams.

This is exactly where I was once and it was through the connection to five personal development principles that brought me back to the confident focused and clear person that I usually am. So as the year trails off and we begin to think about our goals for 2018, the last things that we want to finish up as the year ends, and just developing an overall feeling of power ,presence ,and clarity ;I am sharing my five pillars a personal power.


Maxine Waters told us to reclaim our time , and that starts with taking back our power. If you want to reclaim and reconnect to your personal power,  the first step is accepting and owning that you actually possess the power that will influence your life. Without acceptance and it knowledgement of the responsibility and control you have over your own life then you will not be able to make the next steps to putting that power into use.

You have the power to change any situation in your life. You may not be able to change the circumstance but you can affect change through your reaction and your choices.

Say out loud : 

I am the captain of my own ship . The author of my own story. There is no external force pushing my life’s journey  more powerful than my own personal power . I own and accept this . 

Self Acceptance

In order to create the life that you truly want, you must first accept that you deserve the life that you want. You have to know that you are good enough, smart enough, capable enough to create whatever life you want. It is often the belief that we are not good enough or deserving enough that stalls ups from going after our biggest and wildest dreams. Things that seem out of touch and out of reach are actually closer than they seem on we realize we have the power and potential to do anything that we put our minds to.

Accept that you are powerful. Accept that you are worthy of the life that you want. Accept that no one is given a dream that they cannot accomplish when they put their mind to it. Accept that no one can take away your personal power and less you give it to them.


Once you accept and on the power that is within you, it is now time to nurture and grow that power. Just because you would knowledge that you are powerful and you have the ability to change things in your life doesn’t mean that power does not need to consistently be charged. Your personal power is like your cell phone it will work but you’re still going to need to charge it in order to keep it running at its highest capacity. Affirmation and positive self talk is a great way to grow and appreciate your personal power.

Speaking life into yourself is a proven way to manifest the things that you want in life. Not only does this create physical energy and momentum behind the actions that you plan to carry out, but it also encourages you to continue walking in the direction of your dreams.

Affirmation is a huge part of my life, it allows me to speak directly to the point of insecurity doubt or potential for the day or for a specific goal. This is what allows you to be your own motivation and not let anyone or anything keep you from walking into your purpose.


There is no intentional action without clarity and awareness. Being powerful and talented is not a supplement for self awareness and introspective thought. If you want to get to the next level in life, if you want to be able to utilize your personal power to it’s highest potential, you are going to have to dig deep inside of yourself and figure out your motivations, personal perspectives, and learn yourself better.

Awareness does not just mean awareness of self through introspective thought. It involves the education and studying of topics that will help us get to that next level.

Awareness of self promotes the Growth of our personal power through 3 areas 

  • Education of self 
  • Observation of self 
  • Exploration of self and ideas 


Just because you’re powerful, just because you’re aware, doesn’t mean that you will be able to accomplish every goal and execute every plan with perfection. Actually in order to grow, you’re gonna have to stumble and fall a bit . But when you lay out a plan, and you do not make yourself accountable for following the steps and being responsible for that plan then those plans don’t really matter. Creating a system for accountability is super important for getting to the next stage of your life. It is important because it challenges us to be disciplined and stay on top of ourselves to make sure that we are accomplishing our goal. This is one of the most powerful parts of personal power because it takes the responsibility of success out of someone else’s hands and put it directly into your own.

What you choose to do with it is your choice.

There are so many ways to be accountable to your personal power and your goals. From accountability partners that help you stay on track, to weekly audits of your to do list and goals, to having a mentor that will help you gain accountability and responsibility for your actions they are so many ways to take your power into your own hands through accountability.

Do you feel disconnected to your personal power? Which of the five pillars help you connect to your power the most?

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