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The Right Response

And we are back with another post on how to tackle some of life’s messy moments with mindfulness .

We are dissecting how to avoid the pitfalls of rash and emotional responses to triggering events and situations.

So far we have gone over 2 of the three steps you should take to keep your reactions in check during a emotional moment. No one wants to live in the regret of saying or doing something out of anger. Lets Recap

Step 1 : Create space for mindful assessment of my future response

Step 2: Align with my character and consider what is important

Now it’s time to respond. The way in which you can respond can vary for different people, and this is a great place for self awareness to take the wheel. Finding the most mindful response to the situation at hand often means there are no clear winners. Just a thoughtful response to a temporary problem ( because they almost always are ). 

Responding in a mindful way means being aware of the words you use and how you use them. Your tone can be harsh or words stained with bitter side comments. Try not to say person hurtful things or jab at someone’s pride or intelligence. Words can never be taken back once some had heard them – and at the very least you are responsible for the corruption of your own character .

This does not mean be a doormat – understand being assertive doesn’t mean using harsh words to break people down.

The patterns of unaware reactiveness create bad habits that we repeat. As you practice mindfulness and adjust your mindset between the moment and your response, your reactions and thoughts will begin to change . You will have developed the habit of mindful response.  I would love to hear how to insert mindfulness into your life in the moment of emotion. Share below!

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