Becoming You

Working Hard vs Working Smart

How To Do Your Best and Succeed

When you feel like you are doing your best but feel your best isnt good enough- consider this:


“ Maybe my best just isn’t good enough “
“Maybe there is nothing special about this year “
“ Maybe I cant do this “

These are the exact words I wrote in my journal years ago.

The truth is ,I was feeling unfulfilled and underappreciated in my job.
My health was on a decline and I was sleeping terribly ( gotta love migraines)I felt disorganized and  disconnected from my relationships with others.

Money was tight…and more than anything I felt frustrated at where I was in my business.

But I FELT busy. I was always doing, always moving — an attempt to stay above water . When your stress and anxiety levels are up like that you get into survival mode. You kick things into high gear and start working harder to get yourself back on track .

So I did just that.

I started a new job  and started working harder than ever.

Rumination or Spinning your tires like this causes us to lose our motivation, sense of purpose, and confidence. It can lead to the questioning of yourself and your potential, questioning IF you are even CAPABLE and WORTHY of the dreams you have .

This is not a good place to be.

What I was missing was a strategy. Processes put in place to help make my life easier . So I was working smarter and not just Harder .

Sometimes being your best is not about “being a better you”, instead it may mean shifting your mindset and your approach . Utilizing your network , your time , and your energy more efficiently can help you avoid the very overwhelm I felt while writing that journal entry .

So now , when I feel myself getting overwhelmed or falling out of alignment I audit my relationship with my goals to figure out if I am really doing my best . Somethings are worth seeing though to the end – others are only for a season . But you cannot be sure what is worth sticking with if you don’t put your very best effort forth while you purse that goal .


Is this really my best ?

Step 1

Be Honest with yourself – if you can’t be real with yourself , you cheat yourself the opportunity to become better .

Step 2

Ask Questions

Are You Doing Your Best work and putting your best effort forward?
Have You Exhausted Your Resources And network for advice , direction, or assistance ?
How Much Time do you spend on your goal?
How Much Thought did you put forth – Were you Intentional in your action or just move with our purpose ?
Did you motivate and challenge yourself? Where you purposeful in manifesting positive and productive energy to help you shift into alignment and towards your goals ?

How do you hold yourself accountable to your potential ? How do you make Sure you are performing as your best self ?

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